alison miles  couture bridal designer


If you’re looking for something a little different to complement your dress, then a vintage brooch bouquet is the perfect accessory.

These metallic sculptures are lovingly crafted by Alison from pieces of jewellery to create a truly unique bouquet for you to carry.  Ideal for both contemporary and vintage inspired weddings, they are also great for destination ceremonies as you’ll know in advance how your bouquet will look and that it won’t wilt in the heat!  They are also perfect for brides who suffer from hayfever but would still like to carry a bouquet down the aisle.

Your bouquet can incorporate family pieces of jewellery as pieces are not damaged in the process, which can make it a lovely way of remembering a member of the family who is no longer around.  Families can give each other a little piece to be included in the bouquet, and it doesn’t have to be just brooches – earrings and pendants can be used too.  And after the wedding dress is packed away and the last crumb of cake eaten, you’ll have a lasting souvenir of the day that can be handed down to  future brides.




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