alison miles  couture bridal designer



If you decide you’d like Alison to design your dress, the first step is an initial consultation to discuss your ideas, at no cost. Alison will find out more about what you have in mind, as well as the whole look of your wedding, to then develop and define your ideas and create a sketched design that you’re completely happy with.

A toile (a mock-up of your design in calico) will then be made, which allows the line of the gown to be established and for the fit to be refined. At this stage you can also alter any aspects of the dress that you’re not happy with.

Once the toile has been made to your and Alison’s satisfaction, she’ll start making the real dress, which will involve around 4-5 fittings.

An ideal length of time for the process from start to finish is six months, but don’t panic if you have less than this. Alison appreciates that it’s not always possible to stick to this timescale - and has been known to produce a gown in just a week!




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